Voices of True Sport

True Sport Spotlight: United DFC

United DFC (UDFC), a soccer club based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, joined True Sport in November 2021. They were inspired to commit to True Sport because their club culture emphasizes relationship building, team experiences and connectedness, and they recognize that successful member experiences are...Read more

Spotlight: Sport for Life

Carolyn Trono is the Director of Quality Sport Development for the Sport for Life Society , which is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create a future in which everyone has access to quality sport and physical literacy experiences. Sport for Life collaborates with Canadian institutions and...Read more

Spotlight: Sophie Carmichael, Nova Scotia True Sport Ambassador

Sophie Carmichael, 17, is a competitive basketball player with 11 years of basketball experience under her belt. Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, she was recently named as one of 12 Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassadors . Developed by Sport Nova Scotia and the Canadian Sport Centre...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Field Hockey Canada

Field Hockey Canada is committed to making True Sport a priority. As a long standing True Sport member, Field Hockey Canada most recently hired a True Sport Manager, Jenn Beagan, to focus on intentionally and consistently activating True Sport and creating safe, positive, inclusive, welcoming, and...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Parent Profile - Bryan Merrett

Bryan Merrett is no stranger to True Sport. In fact, early in his career, he was involved in the development and growth of True Sport across Canada. “In those early days, there were many like-minded people looking for something to attach their lived sport experience to. True Sport gave them an...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Coach Profile - Danielle Cyr

In honour of National Coaches Week , we are putting the Spotlight on coaches from across Canada who are living the True Sport Principles. Danielle Cyr is a soccer coach at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) in Halifax, Nova Scotia with over 10 years of coaching experience. She decided to become...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Coach Profile - Shane Ray

In honour of National Coaches Week , we are putting the Spotlight on coaches from across Canada who are living the True Sport Principles. Shane Ray, currently a hockey coach with the South Winnipeg Hockey Association, has been coaching for approximately 16 years and has previously coached soccer,...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Coach Profile - Kirsti Mason

In honour of National Coaches Week , we are putting the Spotlight on coaches from across Canada who are living the True Sport Principles. Kirsti Mason is a ringette coach with a passion for giving back to her community through sport. Ms. Mason coaches community U16 Tier 1-level ringette with the...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Ace Volleyball Club

For Ace Volleyball Club , being a champion is about more than just winning games. As one of the largest volleyball clubs in Canada, with over 30 teams spanning from Calgary, Lethbridge, Fraser Valley and beyond, Ace Volleyball Club inspires its athletes to not only excel in the game of volleyball,...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Field Hockey Ontario

Field Hockey Ontario (FHO) recently started their True Sport journey and is now paving the way for other provincial sport organizations. They officially declared as a member in January 2021 and set their sights on intentional and meaningful True Sport engagement throughout their organization. FHO...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Girls Addicted to Basketball

In May 2021, Girls Addicted to Basketball (g.a.b) celebrated their 15th anniversary online via Zoom. The celebration captured the essence of just how meaningful the program is to all involved - players, athletes, coaches, and alumni from across the country joined in the fun! g.a.b joined True Sport...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: BC Artistic Swimming

BC Artistic Swimming (BCAS) has been trail-blazing a meaningful commitment to culture change in their sport through their activation of True Sport since 2017. Since that time, they have continued to explore innovative and fun ways to bring True Sport to life within their network. One of the reasons...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Big Bike Giveaway

(Ottawa, Ontario - May 27, 2021) - Monica and Shayne Hodgson know what it means to give back to their community. Through their organization, the Big Bike Giveaway, they collect and repair used bicycles, and then give them all away during their annual event. Since its inception in 2014, Big Bike...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Safe Sport in Nova Scotia

Elana Liberman’s goal is to ensure that sport in Nova Scotia isn’t just safe, but that sport in the province also makes a great difference in the lives of all who participate. Liberman has been working for Sport Nova Scotia as the Safe Sport lead since January 2020, one of the first positions of...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Project SCORE

Since early 2020, countries, communities, and individuals have grappled with the initial shock and ongoing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletes and coaches are also trying to cope with the new realities in their sport context, which continues to evolve as " return to play "...Read more

True Sport Spotlight: Bill Crothers Secondary School

Bill Crothers Secondary School (BCSS), located in Unionville, ON, is no ordinary school. BCSS is a sport school that allows students the opportunity to be fully engaged in daily health and physical education (HPE), while being supported academically and championed in their individual sport pursuits...Read more

Why True Sport Matters

A call to action for parents and coaches: win with dignity and lose with grace. When news broke last week about the baseball brawl in Colorado and the assault on an official in Orillia, Ontario, it was extremely disheartening and disturbing. It’s hard to believe that situations like these are...Read more

True Sport Parents Video; West Ottawa Soccer Club Players Speak Out

West Ottawa Soccer Players Speak Out
West Ottawa Soccer Players Speak Out

As a parent, you want the best for your child, but have you considered that your efforts might actually set them back? Long-time True Sport members, the West Ottawa Soccer Club produced a video for parents that features candid commentary by their own children; players share their perspective of...Read more

Talking Smart and Caring True Sport

Rowing together for the London Community Teamwork the name of the game for Banff Canmore Community FoundationRead more

True Sport at the 2017 Canada Games

True Sport “Standing Os” were used during the 2017 Canada Games to recognize athletes and teams who lived the True Sport Principles. Canada Games participants were encouraged to nominate True Sport moments that were deserving of special recognition, and by the close of the Games, nearly every...Read more