True Sport Spotlight: United DFC

United DFC (UDFC), a soccer club based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, joined True Sport in November 2021. They were inspired to commit to True Sport because their club culture emphasizes relationship building, team experiences and connectedness, and they recognize that successful member experiences are not all shaped simply by winning.

“True Sport aligns with the values we have in our strategic plan at UDFC: accountability, accessibility, excellence, and respect. At UDFC, we believe in sportsmanship, tolerance, and respect for all, whether we are on the field or in our communities,” said Susan Steele, United DFC Vice President. “True Sport is dedicated to the notion that good sport can make a great difference and we agree!”

UDFC wants their members to enjoy lifelong participation in sport and to have fun, positive, and meaningful sport experiences, and they aim to incorporate True Sport in the club’s planning.

“We want to develop a club strategy for team management and experience delivery which focuses on mentorship, building relationships, and enhancing stakeholder experiences,” said Susan.

Additionally, UDFC uses their social media platforms to promote a different True Sport Principle each month and to educate their members about True Sport.

“We call on our community to nominate UDFC members for our True Sport Team of the Month, celebrating those who are living the principle we are promoting that month,” said Patti Townsend, United DFC Director at Large. UDFC will also present True Sport as part of their coach meetings for the upcoming summer season.

UDFC calls on other soccer clubs to join True Sport, offering to share their advice and experiences.

“We would be happy to share our experiences and ideas and join forces with others to engage our members together,” said Patti, advising those just starting their True Sport journey to start small and set attainable goals. “For us, we chose a one-year commitment to creating our True Sport Team of the Month and social media posts.”

“True Sport is for everyone. The values and principles of True Sport are more than just for sport, they are for all aspects of life.”