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If we want sport that is built on fairness, excellence, inclusion and fun we need to be intentional about incorporating the True Sport Principles. Below you will find resources and tools that will help you live True Sport with your team, club, association or at home!


A new e-learning course for athletes: BodySense: A whole-self approach to athlete well-being.

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Values-Based Coaching: A True Sport Approach

An interactive e-learning course that provides coaches with True Sport information, tools, and approaches to support the delivery of values-based programing.

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True Sport Principles Social Media Tiles

Social media tiles that promote the True Sport Principles with, and without, the help of the True Sport team! Download the tiles and post them on social media.

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Power of Sport: The True Sport Report 2022

A major research report confirms that good sport, driven by positive values, has the power to deliver wide-ranging benefits for all Canadians!

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True Sport AwardS

Customizable certificates to recognize True Sport moments within your team or school.


True Sport Principles in Action

Research findings from focus groups that explore what the True Sport Principles
look, feel and sound like.

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The True Sport Experience

A resource for educators of children aged 6 to 9 that facilitates learning the True Sport Principles with a focus on ethical and physical literacy.

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The True Sport Team

Meet the True Sport team and discover their unique True Sport strengths! Download the character tiles, share them on social media and tell us who you’re most like or most aspire to be.

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Sport Manitoba developed the #NoRefNoGame social media campaign to bring awareness to the maltreatment of officials in sport.

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“She’s Got It All”

Canadian Women & Sport’s “She’s Got It All” campaign highlights the challenges that prevent women and girls from staying in sport.

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Safe Return to Community Sport

Parents and caregivers can use this True Sport guide to help navigate a safe return to community sport amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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True Sport Lives Here: Member Infographics

The True Sport infographics describe ways to live the True Sport Principles based on your role in sport.

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True Sport Principles

Posters and banners in several languages to communicate the seven principles at the heart of True Sport.

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Living True Sport While Physical Distancing

Bring the True Sport Principles to life while practicing physical distancing.


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Living True Sport at Home

Families can use these True Sport Principle activities to develop their physical and ethical literacy with the ultimate goal of keeping active while staying at home.

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The Ride Home

A video reminding parents of the huge impact your choice of words has on your child’s sport experience.

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True Sport Agreement

A process template for a group workshop that can build positive values and increase buy-in to True Sport.

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True Sport LTD Framework

The True Sport LTD Framework provides age and stage appropriate suggestions to help activate the seven True Sport Principles.

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True Sport Story

An illustrated essay that explains what True Sport is all about while inspiring the reader to embrace its principles.

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True Sport Guidelines for Communities

Eight action statements that describe how to advance good sport in communities across Canada.

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Jr. True sport Champions WorkShop

A workshop program to motivate young leaders to reflect on their personal values and promote good sport.

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Developing Character Through Sport

Simple-to-use activities for elementary school teachers to advance good sport in the classroom.

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True Sport Report 2008

Solid evidence that good community sport can deliver a broad spectrum of health and social benefits.

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Display True Sport

Brand guidelines, templates and logo use examples to display your commitment to True Sport.

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Make the Call

An ethical decision-making module composed of an interactive e-learning course and a set of complementary classroom tools.

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Player Selection Process for Team Sports

A values-based and principle-driven guide to player selection.



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Order Products

An online form to request True Sport branded products from pens and stickers to toques and banners.


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True Sport Policy Template

Use the customizable policy template to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the True Sport Principles.

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Coach Selection Process

A values-based and principle-driven guide to coach selection.



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True Sport
Activity Calendar

A printable fillable calendar that can motivate children to try new sports and bring the True Sport Principles to life.

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The True Sport LTD Framework

This printable version of the True Sport LTD Framework provides age- and stage-appropriate suggestions to help activate the seven True Sport Principles.