True Sport Principles

Why do the True Sport Principles matter?

They help us build the sport we want!

The True Sport Principles express an approach to sport that the vast majority of Canadians already believe in and practice. Although widely embraced, these principles often go unspoken. So when they are violated — when people’s attitudes and actions  threaten healthy and respectful competition — supporters of good sport can be caught off guard, unsure how to stand up for the sport they believe in.

The True Sport Principles are a rallying point for True Sport members — they are universal. The principles can be brought to life in any sport at any level, from playground to podium. An Olympic rowing squad can embrace these principles with the same sense of pride and purpose as an elementary school, an old-timers' league, or a community hockey arena.

For sport to be truly good and have the opportunity to make the greatest difference, all seven of these principles need to be in play at all times, working in perfect balance with one another.

The True Sport Principles descriptions have been updated in English and French to reflect more contemporary and inclusive language. The posters in other languages will be updated as translations become available.

Go For It

Rise to the challenge – always strive for excellence. Be persistent and discover how good you can be.

Play Fair

Understand, respect, and follow the rules. Play with integrity – competition is only meaningful when it is fair.

Respect Others

Show respect for everyone involved in creating your sporting experience, both on and off the field of play. Win with dignity and lose with grace.

Keep It Fun

Find the joy in sport and share it with others. Remember what you love about sport and why you play.

Stay Healthy

Always respect and care for your mind and body. Advocate for the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

Include Everyone

Recognize and celebrate strength in diversity. Invite and welcome others into sport.

Give Back

Say thanks and show gratitude. Encourage your sport group to make a difference in the community.

Display the True Sport Principles:


  • Use the text below on your website or in your event program.
  • Print the PDF posters below to hang in the locker room. 
  • Order a full-size vinyl banner for your entire group to sign and hang with pride.


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