The Meaning of the Red ‘O’

Learn about the significance of the red O!

True Sport is a “social brand”. It has been developed and designed to be shared as widely as possible, used by everyone who joins True Sport. It is a signifier that when displayed allows every member to say “this is what we stand for, and what we are part of”. 

The red circle is the dominant visual element of the True Sport graphic identity.  It has both visual impact and symbolic significance.

The red circle is an essential part of the True Sport wordmark.  The wordmark itself is deliberately simple, clear, direct and unadorned.  It is confident in its simplicity.  The contrasting red of the “o” to the otherwise black typography makes the wordmark command attention.  It is a proprietary treatment that makes the wordmark both distinctive and memorable.

The red circle is an essential element of the brand architecture.  It is used not only as a graphic device within the wordmark, but also – for some expressions of the brand (e.g. the “patch” True Sport Lives Here) – as a free-standing visual symbol that is larger and more prominent than the accompanying type.  Even when it is used in a very small format, a lapel pin for example, the red circle is highly identifiable and can be recognized from a considerable distance.

The colour red, is symbolic of the heart, in addition, it plays a critical role in the design.  Red was chosen for its boldness and graphic punch.

What does the circle represent? 

The heart of sport

The red circle is the “o” – the central letter in the word sport. So, symbolically, we are saying that True Sport, and the principles that drive it, are at the very heart of sport.  They are integral.  They go to the core of a player, a team, a community.  “True Sport lives here.”


The circle is one of the strongest and simplest of graphic shapes – a pure geometric form.  Because of this, it has been used as a symbol throughout history and across many cultures to connote a sense of unity, integrity and wholeness. 


The circle – seen as a ring – represents a true and lasting commitment.  Displaying it makes a public declaration of that commitment.


The circle can also be seen to reflect the spirit of the Movement.  The circle has no sides.  It is open to all who ascribe to the principles and purpose of True Sport.   We’re in it together and that makes us stronger.