True Sport Spotlight: Coach Profile - Shane Ray

In honour of National Coaches Week, we are putting the Spotlight on coaches from across Canada who are living the True Sport Principles.

Coachj Shane Ray

Shane Ray, currently a hockey coach with the
South Winnipeg Hockey Association, has been coaching
for approximately 16 years and has previously coached
soccer, tackle football, flag football, and basketball.

“I grew up playing sports and it had a huge impact on
my life. I started to coach when I was in university,
and then when my two sons became old enough to start
playing sports, I volunteered to coach whatever sport they
were involved with as a way of giving back to my community
but also because I love being out here and having fun with
the kids,” said Mr. Ray.

“My coaching philosophy was influenced by my parents and the coaches I had growing up, and as I started to look into True Sport, I realized there was an alignment with my personal beliefs and the principles of True Sport,” he said. “True Sport influences the approach that I take with the teams and youth I coach. I believe it’s had a positive impact on the athletes I have coached and helped them have better sport experiences.”

Mr. Ray joined True Sport because he believes that through the application of the True Sport Principles, sport and recreation have the opportunity to make a positive, lifelong impact on youth and their communities.

“It provides a foundation to establish and develop personal and organizational beliefs that lead to positive sport experiences. It provides a base from which to make sound decisions and guide your actions,” said Mr. Ray.

Mr. Ray advises those who are just starting their True Sport journey as a coach to not try to do it all at once.

“Start small. Pick one or two principles that are especially important to you and find ways to incorporate those into actions through coaching. As time goes along, look to add more to your toolbox as a coach.”