Values-Based Coaching: A True Sport Approach

Values-Based Coaching: A True Sport Approach is an e-learning course designed for coaches at every level of sport.

The course will introduce coaches to values-based coaching and True Sport, expand their understanding of long-term development, and explain the connection between Safe Sport and True Sport.

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Coaches will be provided with True Sport information, tools, and approaches to support the delivery of values-based programing. The interactive course highlights how using the True Sport Principles will establish positive and enriching sport experiences for all, with reflection activities to connect personal coaching experiences to True Sport. And of course, coaches will be provided with resources to implement what they learn in practice.

This course will give learners:

  • Information, tools, and approaches to deliver values-based programming through True Sport,
  • An opportunity to reflect on their coaching philosophy, and,
  • Resources to help them use True Sport as a tool in values-based coaching.

Why is this course important?

Values are ideas that are important and meaningful to individuals and can influence their motivation and decision making. Incorporating values into coaching can ensure positive experiences and foster a culture of good sport. This course:

  • Provides an opportunity for coaches to learn how to leverage the benefits of good sport from a platform of shared values,
  • Demonstrates the importance of embedding values into practice, and,
  • Provides ideas for coaches to implement values through activities that are relevant to the coach and participants.

Course Details

Coaches who maintain their National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) certified or trained status will earn two NCCP professional development points upon completion of this course.

This course will take approximately two hours to complete. Learners may complete the course in multiple sittings. Once the course is complete, it will appear on the transcript in the Locker.

Cost: $15.00

To access the course, log in to The Locker, the Coaching Association of Canada’s e-learning portal

Technical Requirements

For the best user experience, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the recommended internet browsers.

If course navigation troubleshooting is required, use the menu on the left-hand side within the course window to select the next slide.

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Thank you to the many coaches and reviewers from across Canada who made a significant contribution to the development of this resource. We are grateful for the perspectives of experienced volunteers and professionals.

Special thanks to the Coaching Association of Canada for their valuable contribution to the course content.

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