True Sport Spotlight – Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club

The United Nations (UN) marks Nelson Mandela International Day every July 18. The UN invites everyone to acknowledge the day by making a difference in their communities, because everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better!

Members of the Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, have taken this concept to heart and were inspired to activate the True Sport Principles within their sport culture.

The club’s fearless leader, Coach Michelle, has been a True Sport member since July 2020. Michelle was inspired to commit to True Sport because the principles aligned with the Dartmouth Crusaders’ values. “Values aren’t something just on a list… they must be integrated in a consistent and intentional way,” explains Michelle, who has embedded the True Sport Principles into the club by incorporating them into their culture, programs, and practices.

Three participants within the club have embraced the Give Back principle and are making a difference within their community and beyond.

Meet Kyrie

Kyrie, age eight, organized and completed a personal open water swim challenge to raise funds for Ukraine.Kyrie Age 8Kyrie’s goal was to swim across and back in a lake near Cow Bay, and to raise $1000. He succeeded in both and has raised over $1,700 to date.








Meet Niara

Niara, age 14, knocked on the doors of her local councillors and garnered attention from local media in her push to have a pool built in her community to ensure her sport is more accessible for all. She didn’t convince officials to build a new pool, but because of her efforts a swimming program was established at the Zatzman Sportsplex and transportation is provided for participants to and from East Preston, a historically marginalized community. In addition to activating the Give Back principle, Niara also strives to Go For It: She has recently set two club records and was named to the 2022 Canada Games team.


Meet Callum

Callum, a University of Waterloo student, competitive swimmer, cyclist, and triathlete, rallied his cycling community and sport network to support a virtual 100 km bike ride to raise funds for Feed Nova Scotia. Callum saw an opportunity to Give Back to the community where families were managing increased demands during the pandemic. His goal was to raise $2,500 but Callum was able to raise more than $5,200. Like Niara, Callum is continuing to Go For It. He was selected to compete at the Canada Games in Niagara for both triathlon and cycling for Team Nova Scotia.



Kyrie, Niara and Callum have reached beyond their own interests to take what they love to do and find ways to make a difference in their community to help others.

“You can bring out the greatness in every athlete, and it is done through the True Sport Principles,” says Coach Michelle. These athletes showed themselves to be caring community members, influencing change for a better world.