True Sport Spotlight: Big Bike Giveaway

(Ottawa, Ontario - May 27, 2021) - Monica and Shayne Hodgson know what it means to give back to their community. Through their organization, the Big Bike Giveaway, they collect and repair used bicycles, and then give them all away during their annual event. Since its inception in 2014, Big Bike Giveaway has given more than 2,000 bikes to people in their London, Ontario community and reused over 168,000 pounds of metal, rubber and wire. They embody the True Sport Principle of Give Back, which encourages people to find ways to show their appreciation for the community that supports them.

Monica and Shayne got started when they discovered a need to help those who did not have the means to fix their own bikes. They started by giving away 50 bikes in their backyard and the giveaway has grown every year since. Their goal is to get as many people on bikes as possible to encourage healthier lifestyles and they specifically hope to impact those who are living in poverty. They rely on their community for help and have more than 100 local volunteers and 40 community partners.

Big Bike Giveaway first connected with True Sport through their supporting organization, the London Community Foundation. They use the tagline #MakingBigThingsHappen, which they achieve when working with people who understand the value of community and the positive impact of activating True Sport.

“Our commitment to True Sport is a natural fit because of our shared values. The seven True Sport Principles are truly the foundation of good sport. We practice these principles each and every day as we work hard to build a stronger, more positive community,” said Big Bike Giveaway founder Monica Hodgson. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have had to adapt their operations and change the way they give away bikes. Instead of a one-day event, and in compliance with Health Canada’s recommendations to avoid large gatherings, Big Bike Giveaway moved their registration process online. Registration for bikes opens June 1, 2021, and successful applicants will receive information about their new bikes by the end of August. Approximately 500 happy Londoners will be sporting new bikes by September!

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