Voices of True Sport

Looking back: 2011 True Sport Give-Back Challenge Winner

In 2011, contest submissions for the second annual True Sport Give-Back Challenge came in from across the country. Inspiring and creative stories of how sport had been used to improve communities truly showed how good sport can make a great difference. On September 14, after a four-day voting...Read more

Looking back: 2010 True Sport Give-Back Challenge Winner

2010 marked the inaugural year of the True Sport Give-Back Challenge. The competition was stiff, with lots of amazing submissions from True Sport Members across Canada, but the Cornwall Multisport Club in Cornwall, Ontario, took home the grand prize for its submission, “The Heather Run.” The...Read more

The “World’s Largest Hockey Festival” embraces True Sport

The “World’s Largest Hockey Festival” embraces True Sport

Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! street hockey tournament – the world’s largest hockey festival – is on its way to a neighbourhood near you. Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! features recreational and competitive four-on-four street hockey tournament divisions for boys, girls, men, and women of...Read more

Social Marketing and True Sport - Creating the Conditions for Change

Social Marketing and True Sport

The Sport We Want Every child deserves the opportunity to feel the purity and innocence of sport that has meaning. Every adult wants to see their child take part in sport that brings out the best in people, helps them discover their own potential and compels them to be the very best they can be,...Read more

CFL linebacker James Yurichuk talks True Sport!

James Yurichuk

"As a professional athlete, it's important for me to live a True Sport lifestyle, as I not only represent myself, but I represent the team at the front of my jersey, and the family at the back."Read more

Canadian Football League Supports True Sport

CFL Supports True Sport

If you’re a fan of the Canadian Football League (CFL), you may have seen the True Sport logo in your team’s stadium this season. That’s right: the CFL is one of the latest supporters of True Sport and has been active in helping spread the message that good sport can make a great difference. The CFL...Read more

Kim St-Pierre, 3x Olympic gold medalist

Kim St-Pierre

"Sport is, I think it is a school of life where one learns to work hard, learns to develop character" Kim St-Pierre - Olympic Gold Medalist "It's important for adults and seniors, because if you use sport to stay in shape, you'll live longer and be a happier person too. I do my best to show that to...Read more

Caroline Oullette - Olympic hockey athlete

Caroline Oullette

“I think the benefits of sports for young people are often underestimated. I think that the self-confidence and learning to surpass oneself thanks to sports, as well as loosing and winning, teach you even more when you lose than when you win.” (translation, video available in french only) Caroline...Read more

Jennifer Heil, Two-Time Olympic Medalist

Jennifer Heil

“I was in a community swim club from the age of 6 to 18. I was in dance; I was in everything and you know, it just shapes who you are. Communities are invaluable to be there to support one another, to create facilities and programs that we can all participate in.” Jennifer Heil - Two-Time Olympic...Read more

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Trustee (Kanata)

Cathy Curry

“True Sport mirrors all the values that are taught at all OCDSB schools through character education initiatives. Having our schools sign on to the True Sport Movement, while largely symbolic, allows children to learn that the values taught in school apply outside of school, in the community...Read more

Johann Olav Koss, 4x Olympic gold medalist

Johann Olav Koss

"Canada is a great country - fair and caring. If we put our minds to it, we can lead the world in harnessing the power of sport and play to make a great difference in the lives of children and communities." "Playing fair is critical for your own belief, for who you are. And when you win, you know...Read more

Markham Sport Council Coordinator

Tamara Roth

"What True Sport does, it has given us something to hang our hat on. I think that is something for volunteers whatever sport they are involved in. They’re going: “yes we’re true sport , that’s got national recognition; that’s great ! That’s something I can feel good about as a volunteer."Read more

Former Chairperson AthletesCan

Lori Johnstone

"To me, community sport is the heart and the soul of sport in Canada; and it’s where children learn, first learn to play."Read more

Olympic Women's Hockey Champion

Cassie Campbell

"All kids -- no matter what race you are, no matter what background you have, no matter what economic status your family is in society -- I think you have the right to play sport, and you have the right to play any sport." Olympic Women’s Hockey ChampionRead more

Former Mayor of Tumbler Ridge, BC

Mike Caisley

Mike Caisley

"Our town joined the True Sport Movement because we are committed to the belief that sport makes a powerful and positive contribution to the development of people and communities. Our residents, through True Sport, are demonstrating and living the sport they want by enjoying a sport experience...Read more

Retired Executive Director, PEI School Athletic Association

Garth Turtle

Retired Executive Director Guy

"The True Sport philosophy is so close to what we’re trying to do in school sport that it’s just a natural step for us to join. What we’re really doing is using sport to make better people." Retired Executive Director, PEI School Athletic AssociationRead more

Boys & Girls Club of Wetaskiwin

Cal Zimmer

Cal Zimmer

"True Sport is a movement that is easy to implement into your already existing programs. Over time we have seen the principles of sport become ingrained in our kids as they participate in activities both at the club and in the community."Read more

Vicky Mainwood - Teacher Henry Larsen

Vicky Mainwood

Vicky Mainwood

"True Sport was exactly what our school was doing. Our students know that participating to your best potential and maintaining personal fitness goals, as well as giving back to the community, makes you who you are: the well-rounded Canadian. We now even have a graduation award honouring a True...Read more

Hunstville Sport Council

Larry Curley

Larry Curley

"There was growing interest by the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Sport Council in the values of sport and how it could become part of the fabric of community sport. The True Sport movement was the vehicle to help us emphasize the principles and values of Fun, Fairness, Excellence and Inclusion. It was...Read more

Physical Education Mentor, School District 17, NB

Robin Buchanan

Robin Buchanan

"In District #17, schools, coaches, players, and parents have partnered together to create a True Sport Athletic Contract to assist in the promotion and education of the Principles For Sport in all of our extra curricular sport programs. Together, we are creating and developing a positive sport...Read more