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Why did the West Ottawa Soccer Club join TRUE SPORT?
Why did the West Ottawa Soccer Club join TRUE SPORT?

Kristina Kiss, Technical Director, West Ottawa Soccer Club, former national team athlete and Olympian, shares why and how the Club has embraced True Sport; and why you should too!Read more

Vancouver Parks Board - Integrating True Sport & Canadian Sport for Life into Your Community

From Policy to Playground

From Policy to Playground Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L), the True Sport Foundation (TSF) and the City of Vancouver are working together to develop a resource for community recreation programmers on the development and implementation of strategy and programs that align the True Sport Principles and...Read more

The Power of True Sport

Because Good Sport Can Make a Great Difference

The Power of True Sport
The Power of True Sport

Because Good Sport Can Make a Great Difference. What people need is a way to influence their sports community to safeguard and promote good sport. It is as if parents, coaches, officials and supporters lack the equipment to participate in a competition where the prize is the future of good sport...Read more

What's threatening sport in Canada?

Making good sports of, and for, us all

To view the CTV Winnipeg interview, For a video of Paul Melia on CTV News, click here .Read more

True Sport Facility in Action: Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven

Creating the Conditions for Change The Sport We Want: January 2016 Minto Recreation Complex – Barrhaven celebrated their first anniversary on November 21 st , 2015, RBC Sports Day in Canada, with continued commitment to True Sport. The daylong celebration was True Sport themed and visitors...Read more

Investors Group: Investing in Sport – Investing in Community

Its employees and Consultants, ces employés et experts-conseil

Creating the Conditions for Giving Back The Sport We Want: Find ways to show your appreciation for the community that supports your sport and helps make it possible. Investors Group and the True Sport Foundation share the belief that good sport can make a great difference – a great difference in...Read more

Huntsville High School: Honouring True Sport Youth Champions

John Cowan Huntsville High School

John Cowan wasn't a fan of the ugly attitude developing within school sports. The current Huntsville High School physical education teacher, who was then-athletic director, says he noticed a lack of appreciation for officials, opposing teams and coaches. "There seemed to be a lot more emphasis on...Read more

Elementary Public School Jeanne-Sauvé and their intramural sport program

Dave Benay École Jeanne-Sauvé CEPEO

Creating the Conditions for Change The Sport We Want Describe your initiative or program Jeanne-Sauvé’s intramural program started during the 2013-14 school year. It allows Grade 4, 5 and 6 students to participate in sports regardless of skill level. Before the intramural program, it was usually...Read more

Highlights of the Sochi 2014 Olympics and Paralympics

Highlights of the Sochi 2014 Olympics and Paralympics

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were full of inspirational sport stories that demonstrated how good sport can make a great difference. Below is a recap of a few of those moments as told through the True Sport Principles. Go For It – Paralympic Skier Brian McKeever collects tenth...Read more

Richmond Rose Public School - Our Gym's Evolution

Richmond Rose Public School

Needing to renovate or repaint your school’s gymnasium? Check out the great metamorphosis this school’s gym went through. A great idea for yours?Read more

Talking True Sport at an Ottawa 67’s game

Talking True Sport at an Ottawa 67’s game

On November 10, 2013, Scotiabank sponsored a 67’s Game demonstrating their support for minor hockey and True Sport. Watch Karri Dawson, Director of True Sport Operations, talk about how good sport can make a great difference in our communities. (Credit: Rogers TV. Used with permission.)Read more

Olympic Women's Hockey Champion

Cassie Campbell

"All kids -- no matter what race you are, no matter what background you have, no matter what economic status your family is in society -- I think you have the right to play sport, and you have the right to play any sport." Olympic Women’s Hockey ChampionRead more

Olympic biathlete

Martine Albert

"What sport has given me is discipline; qualities that will serve me for the rest of my life, in any undertaking I find myself involved in. So what sports have given me, and it's not just to be at the top; everyone needs discipline in life, and in sports, but I think that you need some with all of...Read more

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

2010 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Tae Geuk Tae Kwon Do planned on organizing a community food drive to support the Friends In Need Food Bank in Maple Ridge. With Thanksgiving and Halloween just around the corner, the food bank will be needing extra support. Tae Geuk organized the food drive to coincide with the opening of our new...Read more

Running with the Bison

Pam Danis

Coach Pam Danis, smiles as she watches the young Skownan First Nation basketball players running confidently alongside the Bison Women’s Basketball team. The teams have forged a relationship that is built on keeping Aboriginal youth in school through sport. “Our vision is to create a structured...Read more

Bridlewood Community: Fostering Healthy and Active Lifestyles

Dina Bell-Laroche

Nestled in the west end of Ottawa, Bridlewood is a community that offers sports programming, provides the opportunity to learn about excellence in sports at school and where parents can access the latest online program about respectful conduct in sport. The community has even publicly celebrated...Read more

President and CEO, United Way of Canada

Al Hatton

“At the United Way, we know that tackling the root causes of social problems is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. The True Sport Report shows us how community sport can help address social issues before they become problems.”Read more

President and CEO, Community Foundations of Canada

Monica Patten

“Community foundations share the desire to build stronger, healthier communities across the country. We can all see from the True Sport Report how values-driven sport is an effective means of community building.”Read more

Championing Good Sport

As we enter 2012, True Sport is proud to have surpassed 2,500 members who represent millions of Canadians from coast to coast. With the New Year still fresh, we realize that some resolutions can be difficult to keep, but why not consider giving back to your community by resolving to become a True...Read more

True Sport Principles in Action – the True Sport Community Give-Back Challenge

Give-Back Challenge finalists On September 17, Canadians celebrated the second annual Sports Day in Canada with over 1,300 sport events hosted from coast to coast. Presented by CBC Sports, ParticipACTION and True Sport, Sports Day in Canada recognized the unifying power that sport has on people,...Read more