True Sport Spotlight: Project SCORE

Since early 2020, countries, communities, and individuals have grappled with the initial shock and ongoing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletes and coaches are also trying to cope with the new realities in their sport context, which continues to evolve as "return to play" protocols are released, implemented, and revisited, as guided by various responses of governments and public health leaders around the world.

Drs. Leisha Strachan, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, and Jean Côté, researchers in the field of youth sport and positive youth development through sport, have been considering the impacts of the pandemic on the present and future of youth sport programs. Within the current pandemic context, significant alterations to participation (involving quarantines, self-isolation and physical distancing), coupled with the absence of performance opportunities (competition) must be acknowledged. The researchers offer practical approaches to help coaches navigate the pandemic with a focus on maintaining athletes’ interest in sport while fostering confidence and interpersonal connections.

The researchers present their work through Project SCORE, a series of online resources for coaches, athletes and parents, that uses the 4 C’s framework (confidence, connection, competence and character) as a platform to teach positive development through sport. The 4 C’s framework aligns closely with the True Sport Principles, and together, create a holistic approach to sport delivery that emphasizes more than the technical and tactical.

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