True Sport Spotlight: Girls Addicted to Basketball

In May 2021, Girls Addicted to Basketball (g.a.b) celebrated their 15th anniversary online via Zoom. The celebration captured the essence of just how meaningful the program is to all involved - players, athletes, coaches, and alumni from across the country joined in the fun!

g.a.b joined True Sport in 2015 and have been integrating the True Sport Principles into their incredible not-for-profit organization in a fun and creative way ever since.

Their mission? Growing confident leaders.

They educate, empower, and build confidence in young females through the game of basketball. The program originated in Swaziland, Africa in 2005 when g.a.b founder and director, Tanya Callaghan, volunteered with the Swaziland National Basketball Association to develop a camp specifically for young women. She later used the same model to develop her program in Toronto with the hope of influencing more girls. With the belief that basketball could be a force for good and a tool to reduce their chances of being negatively affected by peer pressure, drugs, dropping out of school, and other risky health and lifestyle behaviors.

The program promotes the importance of post-secondary education and mentorship opportunities as the athletes pursue careers. The program runs numerous basketball events and activities and provides a wealth of leadership and mentorship opportunities. g.a.b founder and director, Tanya Callaghan, says:

"We dedicate ourselves to advancing values-based sport through our commitment to True Sport. We infuse the True Sport Principles into our popular program 'Get in the Game' offered every year from March to June."

Learn more about g.a.b and their 'Get in the Game' program