True Sport Spotlight: Field Hockey Ontario

Field Hockey Ontario (FHO) recently started their True Sport journey and is now paving the way for other provincial sport organizations. They officially declared as a member in January 2021 and set their sights on intentional and meaningful True Sport engagement throughout their organization. FHO have implemented #TrueSportSaturday (a social media campaign that highlights their engagement with True Sport every Saturday), created their own True Sport webpage featuring a Principles infographic, and have committed to sharing True Sport messages in their bi-weekly newsletter to FHO members and alumni.

In addition to community engagement, FHO is using the True Sport Principles to foster an environment that is safe and welcoming for all participants, and is free of harassment and discrimination. FHO’s commitment to True Sport will benefit field hockey throughout the sport community and the province of Ontario.

We asked FHO whether they had any advice for other sport organizations who want to embark on a True Sport journey. Shauna Bookal, FHO Executive Director, said, “Do not hesitate to reach out and to be engaged in the membership opportunity. True Sport has a lot to offer and many different campaigns for you to be involved in and incorporate into your organization.

Field Hockey Ontario