"She’s Got It All” Campaign

  Poster for She's Got it All True Sport Campaign  

Canadian Women & Sport’s “She’s Got It All” campaign highlights the challenges that continue to prevent women and girls from staying in sport. This campaign feature is a collaboration between Canadian Women & Sport and True Sport that highlights how a True Sport approach can help keep women and girls involved in sport.

While many people contribute to a girl’s sport experience, parents are one of the primary determinants of whether a child’s sport experience will be positive or negative. Many children cite the ride home after a practice or game as one of their most negative experiences, which is the focus of the True Sport Ride Home campaign. The two campaigns align around the idea that how we talk to our girls about sport contributes to keeping our girls in sport. When a parent commits to True Sport, they adopt an intentional approach to sport that will help them, and their daughters, get the most out of sport.

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