True Sport Week Participation Guidelines

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is thrilled to present the first-ever True Sport Week taking place from February 12 to 18, 2024. This Canada-wide initiative will use social media to unite sport communities from across the country in celebration of values-based sport while activating the True Sport Principles. Don’t miss out on the chance for us to come together to rally around good sport and create a positive impact in your sport community. We’re excited, and we hope you’ll join to make True Sport Week an unforgettable experience. 


As the network leader of values-based sport, the CCES encourages sport stakeholders to embrace True Sport as the approach to activate values-based sport, on and off the field of play. The primary goal of this initiative is to raise awareness about True Sport and build environments that foster fairness, excellence, inclusion, and fun, and where good sport can grow stronger at all levels. True Sport Week offers a unique opportunity to inform the sport community about the benefits of values-based sport and the seven True Sport Principles.  


Every day throughout True Sport Week, a different True Sport principle will be featured on social media. We invite everyone in the sport community to take part in this online celebration, showcasing your creativity and commitment to True Sport. To participate, simply share a photo, video, or story on your preferred social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, or X) that showcases how you embody the True Sport Principles. Post every day or only when you’re feeling inspired! Tag @TrueSportpur, use #TrueSportWeek, and the hashtag of the day to be entered for the chance to win a True Sport prize! 

How to enter the giveaway: 

  1. POST a photo or video on your feed and/or story demonstrating how you activate the True Sport principle of the day.

    • Post every day to increase your chances of winning! Earn one entry for every day you post, for a maximum of seven entries.

  2. TAG @TrueSportpur and a friend for an additional entry.

  3. INCLUDE #TrueSportWeek and the hashtag of the day (see Schedule below).

  4. FOLLOW @TrueSportpur on FacebookX (Twitter) and Instagram

    • Winners will be announced on February 20, 2024, at 12:00 pm E.T

Two prizes are available:

  • For a group (sport organization, community, facility, school, or team)

    • Co-branded True Sport banner

  • For an individual (ally, athlete, citizen, coach, or official)

    • True Sport winter prize pack



True Sport Principle


February 12

Go For It

#GoForIt #TrueSportWeek

February 13

Play Fair

#PlayFair #TrueSportWeek

February 14

Respect Others

#RespectOthers #TrueSportWeek

February 15

Keep It Fun

#KeepItFun #TrueSportWeek

February 16

Stay Healthy

#StayHealthy #TrueSportWeek

February 17

Include Everyone

#IncludeEveryone #TrueSportWeek

February 18

Give Back

#GiveBack #TrueSportWeek


The True Sport Principles

True Sport is an approach to values-based sport that is underpinned by the seven True Sport Principles.

The True Sport Principles are a rallying point for True Sport members — they are universal. The principles can be brought to life in any sport at any level, from playground to podium. An Olympic rowing squad can embrace these principles with the same sense of pride and purpose as an elementary school, a seniors' league, or a community hockey arena.

For sport to be truly good and have the opportunity to make the greatest difference, all seven of the principles need to be in play at all times, working in balance with one another.

More About True Sport

  • Join True Sport: By committing to the True Sport Principles, you and/or your group (school, team, club or community) join a growing movement of Canadians who believe that sport has the power to instill character in our kids, strengthen communities, and increase opportunities for excellence. 

  • Display True Sport: Use these templates and resources to help live True Sport including certificates, awards, co-branded banners, and more.

  • Host a True Sport Event: Declare your sporting event a True Sport event to showcase your commitment to values-based sport.

  • Inspire your community: Celebrate the achievements of members who embody True Sport, then profile and promote them in your sport community.

  • Follow True Sport on social media: 

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