True Sport values and principles were identified by Canadians through a series of consultations from coast to coast.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Leading this consultation, as well as subsequent programs and initiatives, has been a not-for-profit organization called the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). The CCES helped create True Sport in the early 2000s in an attempt to go further upstream and address the root causes of unethical sporting behaviour, before they could become manifest in our high performance athletes. At the time—and still today—the CCES wanted to look at what could be done early in an athlete’s career to shape the kinds of attitudes and beliefs that would prevent him or her from engaging in unethical behaviour down the road. Respecting its early leadership and involvement, the CCES has not created True Sport alone. True Sport is truly member-based and member-driven; others that have taken an early leader approach to sharing, promoting and supporting the True Sport Principles, include Skate Canada, the town of Huntsville and Yukon Territory.

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