True Sport Activation Workshops

There is a shared goal within the Canadian sport community to prevent unethical practices from undermining the integrity of sport, to reduce risk and to provide a safe sport experience for all. A key outcome from the Values Proposition: Building a Stronger Canada Through Values-Based Sport​ in 2018 was the desire for leadership and guided direction on how to make values-based sport the foundation of the Canadian sport system. In response to this True Sport activation workshops were introduced as a pilot in 2019.

The True Sport activation workshops have engaged National Sport Organizations (NSOs) and some Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) who seek to engage and inspire staff to activate True Sport in their policies, practices, and programs, and to use True Sport as a tool to foster system alignment and engage their stakeholders.

The True Sport activation workshop helps organizations to strengthen their commitment to values-based sport by adopting a more proactive and intentional approach.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Increase knowledge of True Sport and strategies to activate fair, safe and inclusive sport.
  • Strengthen relationships and build shared understanding among participants.
  • Inspire motivation to activate True Sport initiatives within the organization at the policy, practice, programmatic and public levels of their membership.
  • Commit to clearly outlined and defined True Sport goals and activities.

Participants to date

A notable outcome from the Gymnastics Canada workshop was the launch of their new Values-Based Coaching Module in 2020. Read about their True Sport journey.

While the workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic look a little different, a number of organizations took part in the new virtual experience.

Want to learn more?

This workshop is currently available to NSOs. If you would like to explore how True Sport can make a valuable contribution to fostering a positive sport experience and play a role to guard against the threats to good sport, including those related to safe sport, or if you would like to re-invigorate your organization’s commitment to True Sport, please email

A True Sport Journey: Gymnastics Canada’s new Values-Based Coaching Module

September 30, 2020 - Build the foundation. Create champions. Inspire the nation.” Although Gymnastics Canada’s (GymCan) mission statement refers to the sport of gymnastics, it could also describe their new project with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) to create a True Sport e-learning course for coaches.

Find out more about the course.