BodySense is an education and outreach initiative dedicated to the promotion of positive body image in athletes.

"BodySense: A Positive Body Image Initiative for Athletes" is an exciting, innovative and novel approach to building healthy sport environments. This provincially funded outreach initiative is dedicated to fostering positive body image in male and female athletes in order to proactively prevent disordered eating.

This initiative will benefit individuals at risk of disordered eating by providing a best practice model in the promotion of positive body image to athletes, parents, teachers, coaches and leaders in the sporting community.  The best practice model identifies “10 BODYSENSE BASICS”. 

These BODYSENSE BASICS have been created to help key players in the sport community identify areas where they may implement ideas to improve the sport climate and best support athletes in promoting a positive body image and prevent disordered eating.  It is from within these areas of best practice that it is expected that knowledge, attitude, and behavioral change will be seen.

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