True Sport Long-Term Development Framework Revisions

The True Sport Long-Term Development (LTD) Framework is designed to enhance sport experiences for all participants by encouraging the simultaneous development of ethical and physical literacy. The framework provides age- and stage-appropriate recommendations to activate the seven True Sport Principles through activities and skills development.

In 2021, the True Sport LTD Matrix was renamed and updated to ensure it considers a variety of lived experiences and does not make assumptions about how Canadians access and experience sport. The revisions were based on the advice of experts with knowledge of diversity, BIPOC inclusion, youth development, para sport, gender equity, transgender and nonbinary participation, LGBTQI2S+ experiences, and coach education. As a result, this edition is more contemporary and holistic.

It is a challenge to summarize such complex content in the form of a simple reference guide, so as a best practice, consider each participant and their individual needs to help foster an inclusive environment and a positive sport experience.

To improve the sport experience of all participants the expert reviewers provided several general recommendations:

  • Develop policies that set standards for respecting differences in race, culture, heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, and spiritual beliefs.
  • Encourage autonomy amongst participants of all ages and abilities to empower them to make decisions for themselves about how they want to be involved in sport.
  • Share and celebrate positive, diverse role models with players, parents and other coaches.
  • Proactively provide regular, timely and transparent communications, while being conscious to model behaviours that reflect the seven True Sport Principles. For clubs and associations, make an effort to provide key documents in multiple languages.
  • Follow your sport's LTD framework to coordinate structured, age-appropriate games and activities.
  • Know your participants and meet them where they are.
  • Accommodate individuals from all demographics. For example, find someone to help translate task cards or instructions for newcomer participants.

More information on these and related topics can be found through resources including:


True Sport is an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). As a values-based sport network leader, the CCES believes that activating the True Sport Principles, on and off the field of play, will contribute to a positive shift in Canadian sport culture. The CCES would like to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the expert reviewers who helped tremendously to enhance the value of this tool.

  • Hector Argueta, University of Winnipeg
  • Shauna Bookal, Field Hockey Ontario
  • Christine Hsu, Challenge Accepted
  • Sean Liebich, Wheelchair Basketball Canada
  • Kirsti Mason, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic
  • Peter McLaughlin, Escrime Montreal
  • Sandi Swanigan, Aboriginal Sport Circle
  • Vanessa Wallace, Canadian Women & Sport