Carolyn Trono

Image of Carolyn Trono

Residence: Winnipeg, MB

Occupation: Director, Quality Sport Development, Sport for Life Society and Founder and volunteer, Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy (WNSA)

Current involvement in sport: My work as a volunteer at the community level involves ensuring newcomers in WNSA experience quality sport and participate in multi-sport opportunities. We work on developing physical literacy, sport skills and the confidence to participate fully in sport and physical activity. I use my knowledge, experience and connections from my work world (past and present) to advance quality sport opportunities for our new organization that serves low-income newcomers to Canada.

Why True Sport:  While all of the principles are important, I find that with the newcomer youth we work with, there are a few that guide attitudes and behaviors on our field of play and when we join other sport groups. These principles help us have conversations about how we interact with others and manage our own actions. We often have conversations about Respect Others, Include Everyone, Give Back and Go for It.