Voices of True Sport

Team ON Canada Games 2011: Erin Tribe

Erin Tribe

Cross country skiing began as a family hobby for Erin Tribe. With some practice and dedication, it soon became a passion that led her around the world and earned her a spot on Team Ontario. Originally from Thunder Bay, Erin has been skiing for the past 15 years and is excited to be competing at the...Read more

Team NU Canada Games 2011: Louis Nutarariaq

Louis Nutarariaq

Judo was created in Japan in the late 1800s. Since then, it has become a popular martial art and combat sport. In 1971, it became an official event at the Canada Winter Games, and it will be one of the exciting sports taking place at St. Mary’s University in Halifax from February 23 – 26 at the...Read more

Team YT Canada Games 2011: Dahria Beatty

Dahria Beatty

Whitehorse native Dahria Beatty has been skiing most of her life. While most three-year-olds were learning the alphabet, Dahria was already learning how to strap on a pair of cross country skis. Thirteen years later, she has been selected as one of the talented young athletes who will compete at...Read more

Team SK Canada Games 2011: Rae-Ann Williamson

Rae-Ann Williamson

The 2011 Canada Winter Games will have many Canadians glued to their televisions as young athletes from across the country represent their home provinces in a variety of sports. Regina native Rae-Ann Williamson and her team will take to the ice in Halifax in hopes of winning the gold medal for...Read more

Team NT Canada Games 2011: Coady Duncan

Coady Duncan

Badminton is a game that requires impeccable reflexes, speed and technique. These are all qualities that Coady Duncan, 21, has developed over the seven years he has been playing the sport. The time he has spent refining his skills on the court has earned him a spot on Team Northwest Territories...Read more

Team PEI Canada Games 2011: Katherine Slysz

Katherine Slysz

Katherine Slysz’s love for gymnastics began modestly at the age of seven. Like most children, she loved playing on the jungle gym. Her mother recognized her natural skills on the monkey bars and decided to sign her up for gymnastics. It’s incredible to think that eight years later she would be...Read more

Team NS Canada Games 2011: Ellie Black

Ellie Black

Ellie Black is one of the talented young gymnasts who will be representing Nova Scotia at the 2011 Canada Winter Games. She has been practicing her sport for the past eight years and is showing no signs of slowing down. As she takes to the stage at the Canada Games, her hard work and dedication...Read more

Team NL Canada Games 2011: Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

At the Halifax 2011 Canada Games, sharp shooter Ben Taylor will have his sight set on the gold medal. As part of the Newfoundland and Labrador target shooting team, Ben looks forward to competing against Canada’s best, and putting his province on the map as one of the country’s top contenders...Read more

Team NB Canada Games 2011: Leanne Gallant

Leanne Gallant

There are few things that are more Canadian than the game of hockey. It is recognized as our country’s national winter sport and we continually produce some of the best players in the world. So when New Brunswick’s female hockey team, led by Leanne Gallant, takes to the ice at the 2011 Canada...Read more

Team MB Canada Games 2011: Chantelle Horel

Chantelle Horel

Team Manitoba’s Chantelle Horel is an athlete who really knows how to Go For It . She is one of very few athletes who will be competing in two events at the 2011 Canada Winter Games. During the first week, she will be joining the wheelchair basketball team on the court of Citadel High School. In...Read more

Team BC Canada Games 2011: Elizabeth Dagg

Elizabeth Dagg

Il y a maintenant 12 ans Elizabeth Dagg prenait pour la première fois un bâton de ringuette dans ses mains et sautait sur la glace. Depuis lors, la ringuette lui a permis de voyager, de disputer des matchs hautement compétitifs et de se faire de nombreux amis. Aujourd’hui, à 17 ans, elle a...Read more

Team AB Canada Games 2011: Jocelyn Peterman

Jocelyn Peterman

For Jocelyn Peterman, curling is more than just a sport – it’s in her blood. Growing up in Red Deer, Alberta, her father was the icemaker at the local curling club and her brother Joel was a member of the men’s curling team who won gold at the 2007 Canada Winter Games. By the age of five, she had...Read more

Team NU Canada Games 2009: Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss

Though he has a well-known name, Nunavut wrestler Levi Strauss does not want to be confused with the brand-name apparel company – he plans to make his own mark on the world! In fact, Levi, also known as Qaqqasiq, has several names in keeping with Inuit tradition. When 14-year-old Levi wrestles, he...Read more

Team YT Canada Games 2009: Troy Henry

Troy Henry

While most 13 year-olds enjoy their bikes as a means to reach the park or a friend’s house, Troy Henry has always knew his was taking him somewhere much more special. Now at the age of 19, Troy has been a dedicated cyclist for 6 years and he is no stranger to the Canada Games. Troy exudes...Read more

Team ON Canada Games 2009: Evert McLaughlin

Evert McLaughlin

Evert McLaughlin comes by his sailing talent honestly- his father was a silver-medalist in sailing at the 1984 Olympics. Evert himself has been sailing almost since he could walk. Not content to walk in the shadow of his father’s success however, Evert is steadily building a new McLaughlin legacy...Read more

Team QC Canada Games 2009: Francois Hogan

Francois Hogan

When one thinks of an elite athlete one often thinks of words such as work ethic, dedication and perseverance. François Hogan is an elite athlete who truly deserves to be thought of in this positive frame. Always striving for excellence , he has been a part of a Sport-Études program since Grade 5,...Read more

Team NT Canada Games 2009: Katherine Elkin

Katherine Elkin

Commitment, ambition and enthusiasm are well known characteristics of elite athletes. Yet these traits only begin to describe the True Sport Athlete from the Northwest Territories, Katherine Elkin. In the pool, Katherine has been winning medals in events such as the Alberta Senior Championships and...Read more

Team MB Canada Games 2009: Chantal Van

Chantal Van

Chantal Van Landeghem says she is just an average teenage girl who likes to relax by going to the movies, reading a good book, or hanging out with friends. Never mind that the 15-year-old finds time for teenage activities, balances school, does volunteer work, all while winning medals and breaking...Read more

Team PEI Canada Games 2009: Kyle Dougan

Kyle Dougan

Kyle Dougan has been playing baseball since the age of four. Now 18 and in charge of the pivotal position of first baseman for P.E.I.’s Canada Games baseball team, his dedication to the sport and to the team is paying off. Kyle has helped his Tracadie Cross Minor Baseball team earn two provincial...Read more

Team SK Canada Games 2009: Kendra Chernoff

Kendra Chernoff

When 18 year-old Kendra Chernoff leaves the Canada Games at the end of week two, she’ll be heading from the smallest province in Canada to the biggest state in the continental United States. Although she is expected to report to her new school, Texas A&M, in mid-August, the swimmer remains...Read more