Voices of True Sport

Mount Pearl: A True Sport Community in Action

Mount Pearl True Sport Symposium

Mount Pearl True Sport Symposium

Located in the Northeast Avalon Region of Newfoundland lies one of True Sport’s newest and most dedicated communities. Although the City of Mount Pearl officially signed the True Sport declaration certificate on October 2, 2010, they had been a True Sport Community for some time already. Many...Read more

Running with the Bison

Pam Danis

Coach Pam Danis, smiles as she watches the young Skownan First Nation basketball players running confidently alongside the Bison Women’s Basketball team. The teams have forged a relationship that is built on keeping Aboriginal youth in school through sport. “Our vision is to create a structured...Read more

Bridlewood Community: Fostering Healthy and Active Lifestyles

Dina Bell-Laroche

Nestled in the west end of Ottawa, Bridlewood is a community that offers sports programming, provides the opportunity to learn about excellence in sports at school and where parents can access the latest online program about respectful conduct in sport. The community has even publicly celebrated...Read more

Clean Air Champions

Clean Air Champions

Speed Skater in full flight

It’s funny how some of the most essential things that we take for granted can be found directly under our noses. The air we breathe literally surrounds us, but we hardly give it a second’s thought until it is of noticeably poor quality or we experience breathing problems. Clean Air Champions – a...Read more

Kugluktuk, A True (North) Sport Leader

Russ Sheppard

When Russ Sheppard arrived in the northern community of Kugluktuk, Nunavut, he was somewhat unprepared for the many challenges he would face as a teacher at Kugluktuk High School. An alarmingly low attendance rate, drug and alcohol abuse, and youth violence were only some of the issues his students...Read more

Brian McKeever - 7x Paralympic gold medalist

Brian McKeever and Robin McKeever

Brian - "I’m blind, not totally, legally blind, so that means I have some vision and he gets me there faster.” Robin - "True Sport though, I don’t think that there’s a truer sport then competing at a Paralympic level because the athletes who are there are definitively not competing there to get...Read more

Olympic athlete, short-track speed skating

Anouk Leblanc-Boucher

“It gives you something; it does nothing but give. It’s not important what you need; you’ll be able to find it in sports. I think that’s the nicest thing. What you can have: you can go find confidence, self-confidence; you can find friends; you can find a social aspect.”Read more

Deputy Mayor, Township of North Dundas, ON

Estella Rose

Estella Rose

"True Sport is such an exciting movement, which is badly needed in our present day of ‘winning is the only aim of the game’. I am pleased that our Council has declared North Dundas a True Sport Municipality, which is a movement that is based on the belief that good sport can help build lasting...Read more

Assembly of First Nations, Treaties 6, 7, 8 (Alberta)

Dr. Wilton Littlechild, C.M., Q.C.

“What Sport Can Do: The True Sport Report is a perfect guide for how we can strategically use sport to elevate the lives of people in our communities. Aboriginal youth face many challenges, but we know through experience that initiatives like the North American Indigenous Games can use sport to...Read more

Dr. Roger Jackson - Olympian

Dr. Roger Jackson

Dr. Roger Jackson - Olympian
Dr. Roger Jackson - Olympian

"I’ve lived in other countries and competed in other countries, where we did not have the same commitment of volunteers, or the same commitment of school sport, or community sport, or community recreation facilities. We are really quite blessed in Canada with a number of opportunities." Dr. Roger...Read more

Sports Quebec

Carolyne Hudson

"You have to commit. I think everyone has a role to play. We can all play a small part in developing a sports legacy." "Thanks to sports, I believe I have been able to understand many things, I have been able to stretch my limits."Read more

Former Mayor of Sherbrooke

Jean Perrault

"It is important to support people in sports. Whether it's through sports centres, arenas, outdoor soccer fields, programs to encourage children or parents to engage in physical activity."Read more

High School Teacher, Kugluktuk, Nunavut

Isabelle Verreault

"The kids in our community live and breath sports, and play it every opportunity they get. So for them, it really is everything that they do. It drives them everyday."Read more

Professeur, Université Laval

Gaston Marcotte, Ph. D

"From my point of view, especially as an educator, sports are perhaps one of the best tools for young people, especially in terms of self development, I think. Team sports are like a real society."Read more

Lascelles Brown - Olympic Silver Medalist in Bobsleigh

Lascelles Brown

"Drugs is not the way to go, like everything like this, this muscles right here, this is not, this is not drugs; this is natural. Cause when you go with drugs look at the long run, you know. Drugs is not good cause then it wages your life then I mean if you want to live a healthy life you stay away...Read more

President and CEO, United Way of Canada

Al Hatton

“At the United Way, we know that tackling the root causes of social problems is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. The True Sport Report shows us how community sport can help address social issues before they become problems.”Read more

President and CEO, Community Foundations of Canada

Monica Patten

“Community foundations share the desire to build stronger, healthier communities across the country. We can all see from the True Sport Report how values-driven sport is an effective means of community building.”Read more

Ottawa Heart Institute

Dr. Andrew Pipe

Dr. Andrew Pipe

"Our current youth obesity rates are staggering, and I believe Canada can do better by our young people. The True Sport report highlights the challenges ahead of us, while offering Canadians an opportunity to be more proactive about how sport can be used to help our youth overcome obesity."Read more

President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada

Gordon M. Nixon

"Participating in sports gave me important experiences and lessons that have helped me be a better business leader, a good parent and citizen. Playing in sports that are driven by positive values exposes our children to good role models, teaches them to respect their fellow teammates and...Read more

President and CEO, Conference Board of Canada

Ann Golden

"The True Sport Report reinforces the Conference Board's earlier findings that sport is, indeed, an important public asset in Canada, and one that merits our concerted attention and effort to ensure it yields the greatest possible benefits for Canadians and their communities."Read more