Voices of True Sport

Teacher and Community Sport Consultant

Russ Sheppard

"Sport has saved lives in our community, where kids have been so engulfed in sport and it’s given them such a positive pathway that they’ve lost themselves in it."Read more

Head basketball coach, CÉGEP de l’Outaouais

Vicky Tessier

"We always do many things with few resources and we really need help from everyone. Whether it's as small as helping organizations, enrolment plans or just for young people, it's important to have the support of the parents."Read more

Steve Nash, Two-Time NBA Most Valuable Player

Steve Nash

#GiveBack...“My coaches were so important because they allowed us not only to learn the game, but they were there for us. They volunteer and give their time so we can have these games. So it's special: childhood sports are something special to everyone who is involved.” Steve Nash, Two-Time NBA...Read more

President, Sport Québec

Raymond Côté

"Everyone, even if they are not great athletes, I think they have personal values and qualities, and they should share them with society as a whole."Read more

Director, Canadian Sport Institute - Montréal

Marc Gélinas

"The percentage who will make it to Olympic teams or professional teams is very, very small. But I don't think that is the goal. The goal is to teach them to love sports and to grow as individuals."Read more

Olympic biathlete

Martine Albert

"What sport has given me is discipline; qualities that will serve me for the rest of my life, in any undertaking I find myself involved in. So what sports have given me, and it's not just to be at the top; everyone needs discipline in life, and in sports, but I think that you need some with all of...Read more

Alberta Youth Olympic Symposium

Charlotte McNaughton

Charlotte McNaughton

"True Sport is a natural tie for us. The True Sport values are exactly the values that we want participants to think about and consciously make a part of their everyday actions. True Sport membership lets us know that there are other great organizations also influenced by the True Sport values...Read more

Chantal Petitclerc, 14x Paralympic gold medalist

Chantal Petitclerc

True Sport Talks - Chantal Petitclerc
True Sport Talks - Chantal Petitclerc

"For me, sports became a passion very, very quickly. I started right after my accident, so it wasn't an easy period for me; a bit difficult and very quickly, I started with swimming, and sports were really a way for me to be with the community, too; to be with my friends; to regain my strength, to...Read more

Community Cup

2012 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Catholic Centre for Immigrants works in Ottawa to settle and integrate newcomers in Canadian society and help them realize their potential. This particular event uses soccer to bring together community members and newcomers in the spirit of building welcoming communities and facilitating...Read more

True Sport 4 School Box

2012 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

The West Ottawa Warriors of the West Ottawa Soccer Club are a team with a strong sense of wanting to make this world a better place. As a team, we want to help others who have less than we do. We are proud of our commitment to True Sport, a national movement that believes in the power of sport to...Read more

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

2010 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Tae Geuk Tae Kwon Do planned on organizing a community food drive to support the Friends In Need Food Bank in Maple Ridge. With Thanksgiving and Halloween just around the corner, the food bank will be needing extra support. Tae Geuk organized the food drive to coincide with the opening of our new...Read more

Unbreakable Father’s Day 5K Walk/Run

2012 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

CameronHelps ’ mission is to help prevent youth suicide through awareness and promotion of physical and mental health – the goal is for youth to feel “unbreakable”. Team Unbreakable is a program that uses physical activity to help reduce depression and improve mental health in young people. This is...Read more

Random Acts of Kindness

2010 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Student-athletes from École Secondaire Publique Louis-Riel delivered “ Random Acts of Kindness ” to many of the wonderful people who work in the neighbourhood surrounding our school. The Rebelles (the name of the Louis Riel student-athletes) brightened the day of the unsung everyday heroes in our...Read more

Pilates in the Park

2010 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Sept. 18, 2010 - " Pilates in the Park " was hosted in celebration of Sports Day Canada, and inspired by the True Sport Give-Back Challenge. Pilates in the Park is an active tribute which supports the triumph over cancer with all event proceeds benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society. We all...Read more

OFSAA Nordic Ski Championships

2012 Give Back Challenge Finalist

The OFSAA Nordic Ski Championships Huntsville 2012 was a community and provincial fundraising event. Students were given the opportunity to raise funds through their own creative methods to help children from around the world experience the Right to Play! This challenge was open not only to the...Read more

Fast and Female

2012 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Fast and Female celebrated sports day in Canada on September 17 in Canmore, Alberta by hosting a fun and non-competitive morning of sports and fitness for women which included an inspirational segment by Olympian Beckie Scott. The morning activity was open to ladies ages 5 to 99 and featured sports...Read more

Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game

2012 Give Back Challenge Finalist

Each year, the True Sport Give-Back Challenge receives submissions packed full of inspiring stories of how communities have used sport to Give Back. The 2012 winner was the “Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game.” Looking back: Possibly one of the most intricate True Sport Give-Back Challenge...Read more

Food for Thought

2010 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

Two weeks ago, Prince Arthur and Sacred Heart Community Schools accepted a three-day challenge from the Moose Jaw Free Teen Swim to collect as much food for the local Food Bank as possible. Teachers were informed Wednesday, the students Thursdsay, and the food was collected Friday. By lunchtime on...Read more

The Heather Run

2010 Give Back Challenge Finalist

Each year, the True Sport Give-Back Challenge receives submissions packed full of inspiring stories of how communities have used sport to Give Back. The 2010 winner was the "Heather Saaltink Memorial Run.” Looking back: The Cornwall Multisport Club is a running and triathlon club located in Eastern...Read more

Tin for the Bin

2010 Give-Back Challenge Finalist

September 18,2010, the morning of our first season practice began at 6:00 am. Welcome back to another swim season! Coffee and donuts on me and if you wish to donate change for the tin - thank you. Promotion was out well in advance to ask those in our club who could to bring a tin for the bin. We...Read more