Team AB Canada Games 2011: Jocelyn Peterman

For Jocelyn Peterman, curling is more than just a sport – it’s in her blood.

For Jocelyn Peterman, curling is more than just a sport – it’s in her blood. Growing up in Red Deer, Alberta, her father was the icemaker at the local curling club and her brother Joel was a member of the men’s curling team who won gold at the 2007 Canada Winter Games.  By the age of five, she had joined in the family tradition. Every day after school she would go to the curling club.  While most kids her age were playing with dolls and jump ropes, she was sliding stones down the ice.  

Over the past 12 years, Jocelyn has refined her skills and become recognized as one of her province’s top young female curlers – earning her a spot on Team Alberta. What makes her a great curler is more than just her years of practice, competition, and skill – it is also her dedication to Playing Fair.  She knows that winning is only meaningful when competition is true. “Curling is a game about honesty. If you make a mistake, you tell the other team, you’re honest about it. I was taught that since I was five,” she says. 

Despite the long hours she spends practicing; Jocelyn knows that it is important to Keep It Fun. She regards her teammates as a second family and thanks curling for allowing her to travel and to build strong relationships. “I’ve made so many friends in the sport and I love my teammates. The girls on my team are my best friends. We all just hang out together, it’s just fun.” 

With the 2011 Canada Winter Games quickly approaching, Jocelyn eagerly anticipates the competition, is ready to Go For It, and has set big goals. She is hoping that her team will be leaving Halifax with gold medals around their necks. But that won’t be the end of the road for her as she hopes to someday compete in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and eventually the Olympics Games.  With such dedication to her sport and her True Sport spirit, we will surely hear her name in the future.

True Sport would like to congratulate Jocelyn on her attitude toward good sport and wish her the best success at the 2011 Canada Winter Games and beyond!