Polycourons Terry Fox – L’École Secondaire la Découverte

Looking back: “Polycourons Terry Fox” by École Secondaire La Découverte in St-Léonard-d’Aston, Quebec, received 33 percent of the total votes and the top prize of $3,000. Sharing Terry Fox’s dream of finding a cure for cancer, the event organizers raised and donated $6,703 for cancer research. In total, 1,115 runners came together from five secondary schools and 13 elementary schools in the area, along with members of the community.

Our Story 2013:

The objective of our event was to bring students, staff and community members together for a True Sport sports event to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage them to take part in an initiative to achieve Terry Fox’s dream of finding a cure for cancer. Five secondary schools and 13 elementary schools participated in our event, for a total of 1,115 runners. In the past four years, the students have raised $23,969.33, which has been donated to cancer research. This year, our students and staff members collected $6,703.60, which is an accomplishment for a school with 580 students. We set up a student committee that was assigned the task of raising awareness of our collective project among members of their community. During the one‑day activity, the students wore white T‑shirts on which their family and/or community members wrote the names of persons who have been cancer sufferers (the sum of $2 per name was collected for a donation towards cancer research). The municipality’s firefighters even volunteered their services to ensure the safety of students and local residents participating in the race. 


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École Secondaire La Découverte, St-Léonard d’Aston, QC