OFSAA Nordic Ski Championships

The objective of our event was to bring students, staff and community members together for a True Sport event to encourage them to get out and support play! Showing how communities can use the power of sport to come together, and give-back.

The OFSAA Nordic Ski Championships Huntsville 2012 was a community and provincial fundraising event.  Students were given the opportunity to raise funds through their own creative methods to help children from around the world experience the Right to Play! This challenge was open not only to the OFSAA participants but it was also open to the local elementary school students who feed into Huntsville High School who were going to be spectators of the event. Additionally, approximately 5000 community members came out to show their support throughout the day. OFSAA Nordic Ski Championships is one of the many OFSAA Championships that has inclusive para-nordic categories. 2000$ was raised for the Right to Play that day. 97 high schools from across the province were represented by 652 student athletes.  The construction of the course required huge community support with every segment of the community working together to host this event. After the championships, the course was opened to the public to try skate skiing on the downtown course. The downtown roads stayed closed until 9 pm that evening to encourage the public to get out and ski.

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