The Heather Run

Looking back: 2010 marked the inaugural year of the True Sport Give-Back Challenge. The competition was stiff, with lots of amazing submissions from True Sport Members across Canada, but the Cornwall Multisport Club in Cornwall, Ontario, took home the grand prize for its submission. The "Heather Run" in Cornwall, ON, far surpassed the expected number of participants and boasts the greatest number of participants of any local running event.

Each year, the True Sport Give-Back Challenge receives submissions packed full of inspiring stories of how communities have used sport to Give Back.  The 2010 winner was the "Heather Saaltink Memorial Run.”

Looking back:

The Cornwall Multisport Club is a running and triathlon club located in Eastern Ontario. It hosts the annual Heather Saaltink Memorial Run as a free, charitable fundraiser held in memory of Heather Saaltink, a young girl whose life was tragically cut short by a drunk driver.

In the spirit of Giving Back, proceeds from the annual run are donated to a charitable organization. In 2010, funds from the event were donated to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD).

“We raised over $26,000 that year for MADD,” said Wendy Henry, organizer of the memorial run. “So far, we’ve raised over $60,000 in total for all of our events over four years. It’s very impressive for a small club.”

Winning the 2010 True Sport Give-Back Challenge has helped the Club keep the run a free event. A portion of the prize money is used each year to help fund the event. True Sport would like to congratulate the club on its amazing contributions to its community and for helping to prove that good sport can make a great difference.

“We keep True Sport going,” said Henry. “We made banners with the True Sport logo on them. It’s always on the arches of our event. We like to keep that message going.”

Our Story 2010:

The Cornwall Multisport Club organized a run in memory of a member who had recently been killed by a drunk driver. The "Heather Saaltink Memorial Run" galvanized our local community by bringing together over 500 participants determined to keep the memory of Heather alive and denounce her senseless death.  The "Heather Run", as it has affectionately come to be known, far surpassed the expected number of participants and boasts the greatest number of participants of any local running event. The participants reflected the diversity of our community:  runners, non-runners, families, friends, the very young, the elderly, the able-bodied and those with disabilities, all united to support and participate in an activity which Heather loved.
It was put on free of charge by the Cornwall Multisport Club, and supported by local businesses and organizations. Voluntary donations to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) were accepted in Heather's memory. An astounding $24,000 was raised.

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