Community Cup

Community Cup soccer tournament – a “friend-raiser” that brings community together and helps welcome newcomers.

Catholic Centre for Immigrants works in Ottawa to settle and integrate newcomers in Canadian society and help them realize their potential. This particular event uses soccer to bring together community members and newcomers in the spirit of building welcoming communities and facilitating friendships. The Community Cup is a free multigenerational and multicultural community building and activity filled day-long event designed to engage the community and reduce isolation and challenges faced by many newcomers. Over 1800 community members come together with their families, friends, or by themselves to get active, enjoy a day in the park, play or watch some sports, and get connected. Many see it as an opportunity to “make the strange familiar” and meet some new people around common interests. It is designed in a way that emphasizes team spirit, team engagement, respect, fair play, all abilities, and positivity. We consider this a  “friend raising” event rather than a “fundraising” event

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