True Sport LTAD Matrix

The True Sport Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Matrix is a key component of the overall Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) LTAD model. It is based on the fundamental principles of True Sport and provides guidelines for developing ethical literacy in children and youth; an essential element of well-rounded athletes and citizens.

Similar to physical literacy, ethical literacy progresses along the ages and stages of development. As such, each principle is broken down into activities, ideas and inspiration suitable for active individuals at any stage of life from the ethical basics acquired in FUNdamentals (0-6 years olds) through to the advanced recommendations for high performance athletes in Training to Win and Active For Life.

Although the True Sport Matrix has been created for coaches, this model can be a valuable resource for teachers, volunteers, parents and others who are responsible for helping to ensure good sport lives in their communities.

By following this model, athletes live and learn the True Sport Principles which helps to ensure that the benefits of sport such as the joy of achievement, the growth of community or the breaking down of social barriers will be acquired naturally.

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