True Sport in Action! (Issue 22, March 2015)

Issue 22, March 2015
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Issue 22, March 2015
Numéro 22, mars 2015
Creating a Quality Sport Experience

Creating a Quality Sport Experience

Sport can begin making a contribution early in the lives of children. Play is one of the primary ways that young children explore and experience the world and develop their physical, cognitive, and social-emotional capacities. As young athletes grow out of their old jerseys and cleats, it is important that their attitudes about sport mature at the same time. If values-based and principle-driven sport is taught and followed throughout a young athletes’ development into adulthood, the potential rewards of good sport are endless. After all, we are not only building athletes, we are shaping people – and the way we play together shapes the way we live together.

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It’s already March and the good news is spring is on its way! It's time to emerge from hibernation; get more active, unplug from your screens and get outside to play - Enjoy!


True Sport Stories

True Sport Facility in Action: Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven

True Sport Facility in Action: Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven

A photo update of some of the inspired events happening at the Minto Rec Complex in Ottawa. “I am very proud of the example we are setting to others by declaring this facility a True Sport facility,” said Councillor Harder. MORE>

Vancouver Parks Board - Integrating True Sport & Canadian Sport for Life into Your Community

Vancouver Parks Board - Integrating True Sport & Canadian Sport for Life into Your Community

The City of Vancouver, Canadian Sport for Life and True Sport are working together to develop a resource for community recreation programmers that align the True Sport Principles and the CS4L’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework. MORE>


Resources in Action

True Sport Municipal Resolutions

Take a look at resolutions adopted by a number of Canadian municipalities and get ideas of how to help your own town council to think about how they might express their commitment to True Sport. MORE>


Talking True Sport

The Incredible Power of True Sport

The Power of True Sport

Because Good Sport Can Make a Great Difference

True Sport is not in the business of getting people to believe in the power and value of good sport. They already believe. We made this video to help you inspire your community. MORE>


In the News

RBC Learn to Play Project Logo

RBC Learn to Play Project now open — The RBC Learn to Play Project will provide grants to local organizations and communities in support of building the physical literacy of Canada's kids and youth. RBC Learn to Play Community Grants will be awarded to local organizations that teach new skills or sports to kids, and/or expose them to a multiple sports or multiple skills. RBC Learn to Play Leadership Grants will be awarded to community groups that are developing or implementing action plans to transform the... MORE>

Make Room for Play Campaign

Make Room for Play Campaign — The campaign includes a series of 30 second videos that grab parents’ attention and makes them think about their own family’s screen time habits at the expense of active play time. Solution-oriented content that helps parents wrestle control back over screens within the family setting, and inspirational content that enables parents to play an active role in helping their kids get the physical activity they need to be healthy and happy, are available on the... MORE>

Club Excellence Affiliate Logo

Club Excellence ensuring “long term health and success” of community sport clubs — The addition of Boxing Ontario, the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, Rugby Canada, and the Saskatchewan Soccer Association brings to 11 the total number of sport governing bodies whose member clubs now enjoy access to a range of customized tools and resources to improve their programs. MORE>