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BodySense is an education and outreach initiative dedicated to the promotion of positive body image in athletes.More

Active Healthy Kids Canada

2015 Report CardParticipACTION is pleased to present the...

True Sport Newsletter Content

A customizable template to help you add a little True Sport to your member newsletter.More

True Sport Marble Tool

Behaviour reminderMore

Club Excellence

A national certification program that recognizes clubs and associations that invest in building capacity.More

True Sport Inserts in Sport, Recreation and Leisure Guides

Include True Sport messaging in your community's seasonal recreation guide, even a call to action...More

True Sport Declaration

Once you have joined the movement, download, sign and post our official member declaration certificate.More

Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport has developed a grass-roots online tool so now sport and community organizations can actually deliver on their commitment to create a safer environment for all participants.More

Character Education and Sport

A series of lesson plans connecting character education and sport. For centuries, participation in sport has been associated with the development of moral character. By dedicating a few classroom periods, teachers and students will benefit...More

True Sport Agreement

A True Sport Agreement answers a simple, but important question, “How are we going to treat each other in this group?”More

True Sport Logo

Learn about the brand and download files.More

True Sport Video "The Heart of True Sport"

At the heart of True Sport is a simple idea – good sport can make a great difference.More

The Meaning of the True Sport Brand

Learn about the significance of the red O!More

True Sport Brochure "Medical Professionals"

Tri-fold brochures that can be printed and distributed by medical professionals to promote good sport.More

Examples: Equipment and Uniforms

A collection of examples of how groups have used the True Sport brand on their equipment and uniformsMore

True Sport Brochure "Members"

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to spread the word about True Sport?More

True Sport Member Newsletters

A collection of examples of how groups have highlighted their adoption of the True Sport Principles in their newsletter.More

True Sport Awards

A collection of examples of how sport groups have recognized and celebrated actions that reflect the True Sport Principles. A simple way to promote the notion that good sport can make a great difference is to recognize it!More

True Sport Member Websites

A collection of examples of how members have profiled the True Sport Principles on their group's website...More

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True Sport Activity Calendar

The True Sport Activity Calendar aims to help parents and children explore and track new activities all year long.
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