True Sport Foundation Board of Directors

The True Sport Foundation welcomes personal expressions of interest or the identification of individuals who are capable and willing to serve the organization in a volunteer capacity. It should be noted that the True Sport Foundation Board is not a representational Board. In other words, individual members do not represent any group or sector. Rather, it is a Board comprised of distinguished Canadians with expertise in the various fields of knowledge necessary to ensure the proper stewardship of the True Sport Foundation. These fields include, but are not limited to community development, philanthropy, education, sport, policy development, corporate and/or financial management, and governance. In addition to particular expertise, when considering nominations for the Board of Directors, consideration is also given to a variety of other factors such as gender, culture, language capability, region of residence, ethnicity and other factors that reflect Canadian diversity.

If you wish to be considered or are aware of an individual whom you believe is capable and willing to contribute to the True Sport Foundation Board of Directors, please email Please include the candidate’s qualifications as well as your complete contact information. The Nominations Committee reviews nominations on a regular basis, taking into account the current and future needs of the organization and brings recommendations to the True Sport Foundation members each spring.