Équipe C-B - Jeux du Canada 2011 : Elizabeth Dagg

Il y a maintenant 12 ans Elizabeth Dagg prenait pour la première fois un bâton de ringuette dans ses mains et sautait sur la glace.

It’s been 12 years since Elizabeth Dagg first picked up a ringette stick and stepped onto the ice. During that time, ringette has allowed her to travel, play some highly competitive games and make a lot of friends. Today, at 17, her skills have developed to a level such that she was selected to represent British Columbia at the 2011 Canada Winter Games.

As accomplished as she is, sport and life have not always been easy for her. What you may be surprised to find out is that Elizabeth is legally deaf. She does not hear the sounds of the scoreboard, her teammates yelling or the cheers of the crowd. However, she does not allow any of these factors to hold her back. She even considers the silence as an advantage during heated games. While other players are losing their focus, she is able to block out the distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. “In many ways, I find myself to be more focused than most players because I can very easily tune out the noise. I have gotten very good at reading the ice, looking over my shoulder, and I’ve learned to communicate with my goalies, teammates and coaches,” explains Elizabeth.

Despite the challenges she has had to face, Elizabeth has never let her hearing impairment get in the way of her dreams. In 2006, her regional team brought home the gold at the BC Winter Games, and last season she played AA ringette for the first time. She thanks her mother for being such a positive force in her athletic career and always encouraging her to Go For It. “She has always said to me, ‘I don’t care if you’re deaf. Never use it as an excuse to give up. Just find a way to make it work.’ “

Elizabeth exemplifies True Sport – she understands the importance of Staying Healthy, she is an honour roll student at R. E. Mountain Secondary School, and she knows that the most important thing about sport is to Keep It Fun.

True Sport would like to congratulate Elizabeth on her attitude toward good sport and wish her the best success at the 2011 Canada Winter Games and beyond!