Asset-Based Community Development

An interactive learning workshop to help the sport community understand an asset-based approach to development

As a contribution to the True Sport Movement, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport hosted an interactive learning workshop to help the sport community understand and explore how an asset-based approach could be utilized to achieve True Sport’s core mission -- to be a catalyst to help sport live up to its full potential as a public asset for Canada and Canadian society – making a significant contribution to the development of youth, the well-being of individuals, and quality of life in our communities.

It is widely accepted that sport participation creates a myriad of social dividends – not only providing obvious health benefits, but also less tangible benefits associated with community cohesion and personal achievement. By adopting ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) - an evidenced based approach to community building - True Sport believes that its goal of strengthening communities through sport can be better planned and delivered through the involvement of all sectors at the community level.

If more public, private, community and sport organizations and individuals work together in the future, the positive impact of sport within Canadian communities could be that much greater. An asset-based approach to community development through sport can amplify these impacts and enhance sustainability through local ownership.

Cormac Russell, an ABCD practitioner and faculty member of the ABCD Institute at Northwestern University in Chicago ( and Managing Director of Nurture Development ( designed and delivered a two-day ABCD workshop.  This video provides highlights of the session and shares some of the theory and practical tools that can enable others to achieve this in their own work and further grow the True Sport Movement in Canada.



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Module 1

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What is Asset-Based Community Development?

Module 2

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Appreciative Inquiry

Module 3

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Building Powerful and Sustainable Communities

Module 4

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Expanding Community Engagement - Focus on Youth

Module 5

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Conducting an Asset Inventory & Releasing Institutional Assets

Participant Comments

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Participant Comments