Sport and Philanthropy

Anything Is Possible reveals the impact of funding for local sport programs. The film tells the story of Tramayne Stephen and the Tyson Bailey Fund, showcasing Tramayne’s passion for football, the challenges he faced to play, and his drive to give back to his community.

Through a partnership between the True Sport Foundation and the Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), with support from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, the Sport and Philanthropy Program supports community development through sport.

Since 2010, the True Sport Foundation has been working collaboratively with the Community Foundations of Canada to explore how communities can leverage the power of values-based, principle-driven sport to make a positive impact using a strength-based approach. The project in based on:

  • discovering the assets / strengths in our communities,
  • connecting with each other and our community, and
  • coming together to build on our shared knowledge and skills.

Using this approach, and with support from the True Sport – CFC partnership, a number of local community foundations have been working to connect sport and non-sport organizations to build social capital and community through good sport.


  • Thirteen participating community foundations in 2010- 2013
  • Over $300,000 in matching grants were provided to projects in participating communities
  • Over 260 community projects across Canada have leveraged the power of good sport to make a positive difference

More information for community foundations can be found below.

Smart & Caring True Sport: Investing in Sport – Investing in Community


Smart & Caring True Sport is collaboration between Community Foundations of Canada and the True Sport Foundation that harnesses the power of good sport to make our communities stronger, healthier and more resilient places to live, work and play. Together we hope to act as a catalyst for an investment of more than $1 million in community sport. We know there are countless ways for community foundations and sport organizations to work together. That`s why we are helping communities across the country discover their strengths, to connect with each other, and to come together to build their shared knowledge and skills. Together we’re connecting sport and non-sport organizations to build social capital and community through values-based and principle-driven sport.

Smart & Caring True Sport offers community foundations and sport organizations several ways to use sport as a vehicle to strengthen community investment.

Because of its charitable objects, the True Sport Foundation connects community foundations and donors with local sport organizations, helping to channel resources and instill True Sport Principles into sport programs and scholarships. Funding for facilities or capital projects can be a powerful investment in sport infrastructure that helps to make such programs possible.


For more information, please contact:

Karri Dawson
Director, Ethical Sport Operations
(613) 521-3340 x 3213