A Joint Statement from the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the True Sport Foundation

(Ottawa, Ontario - November 15, 2017) - Earlier this year, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) found evidence that an employee had misappropriated in excess of $50,000 from one of its clients, the True Sport Foundation (TSF). The Foundation is a national charitable organization dedicated to advancing values-based and principle-driven sport in communities throughout Canada.

The CCES, working closely with the TSF, launched an immediate investigation and engaged the services of an outside forensic auditing firm. The auditors confirmed the misappropriation and concluded that one employee acting alone had been responsible for the misdeeds. While the CCES is not permitted to identify the individual, we can confirm that the employee has been terminated with cause.

The vast majority of the misappropriated funds were immediately recovered from the employee and returned to the TSF. The CCES has covered the modest shortfall and is continuing efforts to recover the balance.

The auditors have confirmed that all other financial systems for CCES, TSF and other CCES clients were not affected throughout the time period that was reviewed.

None of the donations or grants to the TSF was affected and all monies were properly directed to the intended programs.

As a direct result of this case, the CCES has implemented a series of recommendations from the auditors and taken all the necessary steps to tighten up our financial systems and reduce the risk of misappropriation of funds or financial fraud in the future.

This matter has been fully disclosed to the Canada Revenue Agency, which is conducting an audit of TSF filings. The case has also been brought to the Ottawa Police Service.

Going forward, the TSF has expressed full confidence in the CCES and will continue to rely on the CCES to deliver a range of administrative services.

We view this as an extremely serious matter. Not only did the behaviour violate CCES policy, it also defied the core values that guide the work of the CCES and the TSF and define our respective cultures.

Anyone with questions or concerns about this matter are invited to contact the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport at (613) 521.3340 or email info@cces.ca, or the True Sport Foundation at (613) 521.9533 or info@truesport.ca.