By committing to the True Sport Principles, you and/or your group (school, team, club or community) join a growing movement of Canadians who believe that sport has the power to instill character in our kids, strengthen communities and increase opportunities for excellence. 

Why sign your name?

To tell your teammates, your opponents, and yourself that good sport can make a great difference. On the rink, in the pool, on the track—everywhere.

Why get your organization, league or community involved?

To spark a conversation about why you come together to play, train and compete. To agree on what you want to strive for and how. To identify with others holding similar values.

Why show off your True Sport colours?

Because creating a fair, safe and open environment where good sport can grow stronger, brings out the best in people and communities. Because standing up for the True Sport Principles is something to be proud of.

After joining the True Sport Movement, download the True Sport declaration certificate, sign it and hang it in a prominent place for all to see. 

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True Sport Declaration


Once you have joined the movement, download, sign and post our official member declaration certificate.

True Sport Municipal Resolutions


Take a look at resolutions adopted by a number of Canadian municipalities and get ideas of how to help your own town council to think about how they might express their commitment to True Sport.